The MPASG (Manufacturers, Products and Airports Study Group) deals with the non-flying aspects within the aerospace arena on behalf of the members of the IUAI. This study group would review airport operators and those companies which operate at airports, including refuellers, FBOs, maintenance and repair shops, baggage loaders and security to name but a few. The MPASG would also review the portfolio which embraces those who manufacture aircraft and those who manufacture aircraft parts.

2017 Plenary Session

The MPASG Session for 2017 spanned the Tuesday and Wednesday, with the Plenary being introduced by Robert Lilley, MPASG Chairman. Robert was followed by Giampaolo Caputi of Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems who gave an overview of Leonardo’s activities in relation to unmanned aerial systems.

The session continued with a presentation on counterfeit parts, and the challenges of preventing such parts entering the supply chain (John Wadhams) and Paolo Silvestri providing an overview of aircraft refuelling indemnity agreements. The first part of the MPASG Workshop concluded with Simon Abott putting forward some thoughts on the use of Risk Burseries.

The final two MPASG presentations took place on the Wednesday morning. Michel Rohr and Axel von Frowein started proceedings with a look at CityAirbus and the implications for the future. A Panel, comprising Roger Sethsson, Roland Kuesters and Anna Masutti (LS Lexjus Sinacta), then provided an overview on cyberspace liability in the aerospace sector.

Study Group Members

2019 AGM

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3 - 5 June 2019