The Airline Study Group focuses on the Airline Hull and Liability and Airline War sectors of the Aviation Insurance industry. The mission of the committee is to provide the IUAI membership with up to date information on trends, statistics and global developments in the Airline Operators and Insurance markets. Committee members come from throughout the global market and are senior representatives of a wide variety of the market's Insurance providers.

Study Group Members

2017 AGM Plenary Session

The ASG Session in Taormina featured two presentations from external speakers. The first, by Prof. Frederic Dehais, AXA Chairholder at ISAE-SUPERAERO) was a fascinating insight into neuroergonomics studies, looking at neurological responses to cockpit alerts by pilots. The second was a joint presentation by Thomas Lagaillarde (Navblue) and Capt. Marc Parisis (Airbus) outlining a different approach to operational risk assessment. Both of these external presentations provided interesting and thought provoking sessions for AGM participants.

In addition to the external presentations, the ASG session also saw Rolf Heintzeler look at the impact of digitalisation on airline business models, a Panel from the ASG outlining the evolution of cover in the light of new technologies and client requirements, and Olivier Marre giving an insight into the general challenges facing the Airlines Underwriter in a changing business environment.

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2019 AGM

Join us in Bordeaux, France
3 - 5 June 2019