The MPASG (Manufacturers, Products and Airports Study Group) deals with the non-flying aspects within the aerospace arena on behalf of the members of the IUAI. This study group would review airport operators and those companies which operate at airports, including refuellers, FBOs, maintenance and repair shops, baggage loaders and security to name but a few. The MPASG would also review the portfolio which embraces those who manufacture aircraft and those who manufacture aircraft parts.

2016 Plenary Session

The MPASG session in Charleston included two guest speakers. The first, Dan Mooney from Boeing, presented on activities and developments at the nearby Boeing facility in Charleston, the 787 Dreamliner final assembly plant. The second, Randy Gaston (Gulfstream), in a join presentation with the GASG, gave his thoughts on pilot upset recovery training. Alongside these, other topics included a look at next-generation navigation technology and associated cyber threats, grey areas and overlaps in exposures, airport security developments, particularly in the US, a review of banks, leasing and contingent exposures and a look at the challenges of airline catering.

Study Group Members

2017 AGM Plenary Session Business Programme

The MPASG is currently working on the programme for the 2017 AGM. A list of the topics/presentations, as they currently stand, can be accessed below:

2017 AGM Preliminary Programme

MPASG Update January 2017

The MPASG held an informal meeting on 12 January for preliminary discussions on topics and themes for the MPASG session during the 2017 AGM. As a result of these discussions the following outline agenda has been suggested:

TARBOX Aircraft refuelling agreement update -  (Paolo Silvestri)
Risk Bursaries – pros and cons - Simon Abbott
Counterfeit parts - John Wadhams
Aviation Cyberspace and Insurance - Roger Sethsson/Roland Kuesters/Anna Masutti
Cyber attacks on 3D printers affecting the supply chain and the way manufacturers can (or not?) control it. - (TBC)
Airbus – City Airbus - Michel Rohr
Aerospace Data update - Robert Lilley
Ukraine ANTONOV, Present, past and future - Larisa Nepochatova (Busin Ins.)

This outline is subject to confirmation and will be further refined during the Study Group’s upcoming meeting in London on 8 February.


Join us in Taormina, Italy
4 - 8 June 2017