Study Groups

The Union currently has an Executive Committee that oversees activities, and six Study Groups that look after specific areas of Technical Activity:

  • Airlines – Looks at issues surrounding the insurance/reinsurance of commercial airlines across the world, both the hulls of the aircraft, third party liabilities, and the war and terrorism insurance on these airlines.
  •  General Aviation - GA covers a huge range of interests, and is probably the largest sector. It covers small privately owned aircraft, flying clubs, up to privately owned fast jets and the rapidly expanding UAV(drone) sector
  • Cyber & Emerging Risks - Has a specific remit to investigate the impact of cyber threats across the aerospace sector, and also identify emerging risks that could impact the Union Membership and their client base.
  • Manufacturers, Products and Airports – covers the manufacturers, plus engines and sub systems etc, supplied for aircraft, and the airport operations.
  • Legal & Claims – Looks at international legal developments, and their impact on our members’ activities, and claims handling issues across the aerospace sector.
  • Space Risks – covers satellite risks post-launch, and is increasingly involved in the development of space tourism and associated risks.

Study Group Membership

Membership of the Study Groups is drawn from the Union's Insuring Members, and is subject to a Nomination/Ballot procedure as set out in the following document.

Members serving on the Study Groups do so subject to the requirements of the relevant Terms of Reference, and serve for a maximum five year term before being eligible for re-election.

The Union's Study groups operate under defined Terms of Reference (ToR). These ToR define the roles and responsibilities of each Study Group, Chairmanship and the Membership and Composition. 

2025 Members' Conference

Our 2025 Members' Conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from Tuesday  3 to Thursday 5 June 2025.

Prague 2025 Members’ Conference