IUAI Members' Conference 2023 - Lisbon

Monday 22 May to Wednesday 24 May 2023

Scheduled originally to take place in Krakow, Poland, the Union's Members’ Conference 2023 was rescheduled to take place in Lisbon, Portugal between Monday 22 and Wednesday 24 May 2023.

The event comprised the usual blend of technical workshops and discussion panels organised by the Union’s Study Groups. Speakers from within the Study Groups, alongside industry experts will present on all of the major topics critical to the Union’s Membership, and its client base, as the sector deals with the  aftermath of the Global Pandemic and the resulting economic and social realities.

Alongside the extensive technical programme, the event also included extensive networking opportunities and social events. Lisbon provided a wonderful backdrop for our event giving Members  a unique opportunity to network,  develop  business relationships, renew contacts with old friends and meet new ones.

Participation in this event also qualified Delegates for CPD/IDD Credits.

The programme for the event is shown below. Union Members can access the presentations by using the button below.

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Venue and Timetable

The Members’ Conference took place at the Sheraton Hotel and Spa, Lisbon, Portugal.


Conference Programme


Videos and Slides from the Event will be available for Members to view shortly.


Day 1 (Monday 22 May)


Buffet Lunch (All Participants, Partners and Accompanying Persons)

President’s Welcome & Opening Remarks / Voting Results

General Aviation SG Workshop

  • Introduction to the GA Sector/Market Statistics - Diego Suarez (GASG Chair)
  • GA Business in Ukraine - Iryna Morozova
  • Market Overview of the GA Sector in Brazil - Carlos Polizio
  • Offshore Helicopter Operations - Jim Evans/Jeff Goyer (Helioffshore)
  • Discussion Panel on Inflation Issues

Coffee Break

Manufacturers, Products & Airports SG Workshop Session I

  • Workshop Introduction - Michel Rohr (MPASG Chair)
  • Challenges Facing the Aerospace Market - Graham Daldry
  • Pricing of Potential “Cat” Risks - Jerome Notton
  • SAF Targets for airlines/airports and Governments - Emma Walker
  • Commercial Pressure for End User/Supplier/Insurance - Data/Safety/Cost - Paul Talbot

Evening Social Event (Offsite)(All Participants, Partners and Accompanying Persons)


Day 2 (Tuesday 23 May)


Manufacturers, Products & Airports SG Workshop Session 2

  • Electrifying Regional Air Travel - A Nordic Perspective - Roger Sethsson
  • EVTOL - Future Flight - Harriet Stewart/Akiko Hama

Legal & Claims SG  Workshop

  • LCSG Session Introduction - Sharon Holahan (LCSG Chair)
  • Large Claims Update - Brendan Lumb
  • Interpretation of Condition Precedent - Natsuyuki Furumai
  • Weather Events and Increase in Cost of Repair (John Bayley /Marc Besse-McLarens)
  • Litigation Funding - Sharon Holahan
  • Criminalizing Aviation Accidents - Kerry Porter
  • Use of Accident Investigations in Litigation - Sebastien Saillard
  • Insurance Aspects of State Sponsored Cyber Attacks - Sophie Moysan
  • Paris Accord Update - Giles Kavanagh, LCSG/HFW

Space Risks SG Workshop Session I

  • Introduction and Comments on ESG Implications for the space sector - Pascal Lecointe (SRSG Chair)
  • Space Risks Statistics Update/New Rocket Developments - Chris Kunstadter
  • Astro-politics (Geopolitics in space) - Pascal Lecointe


Space Risks SG Workshop Session 2

  • Commercial Moon Visits  - Takeshi Hakamada (iSpace)
  • SpaceX Starship Project - a Game Changer? - Jan Schmidt

Cyber & Emerging Risks Workshop Session 1

  • Session Introduction - Sophie Moysan (CERG Chair)
  • Cyber Threat Landscapes & Potential Remedies - Focus on Physical Attacks (Yigal Unna - Guest Speaker)
  • Impact of Russia/Ukraine Conflict on Cyber Threat/Overview of new EU Regulations on Cyber Security - Ram Levi

Evening Social Event (Offsite)(All Participants, Partners and Accompanying Persons)


Day 3 (Wednesday 24 May)


Cyber & Emerging Risks Workshop Session 2

  • ESG, and What it Means for Insurers - Adam Tozzi
  • Impact of Climate Change on Aviation Safety (Round Table Discussion - Rachel Burbidge (Eurocontrol) / Andrew O'Conner + Leanne Keane (Cirium) /Paul Woodley (HFW) Paul Williams (University of Reading).


Airlines SG Workshop

  • Session Introduction / Exposure Growth & Recovery Jeff Bruno (ASG Chair)
  • Impact of Labour Shortages across the sector - Neil Dave
  • Risk Management Bursaries (and other Cost of Doing Business Coverages - MC Ernst
  • AVN52E – An Overview/various approaches/FAA and costs to resume Operations - Malcolm Brett/Bernhard Koessler
  • Impact of Unlimited Sideways exposure - Kenneth Stroger
  • Supersonic Airlines – A Look to the Future? - Emanuele Olivetti

Closing Remarks

Optional Afternoon Tour (All Participants, Partners and Accompanying Persons) :

Tuk Tuk Tour of Lisbon

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