2021 Virtual AGM Programme

The Union’s Virtual AGM 2021 took place over three days from 1 to 3 June 2021. The event included opening and closing Keynote Presentations along with a series of live sessions organised by our various Study Groups. Alongside these “Live” Sessions each Study Group also provided “On Demand” presentations, made available to Delegates from 18 May.

Edited Versions of All the Presentations will be made available on The Resources > Presentations Section of this Website, available to all Members to access. Please use the Link Button Below to access these presentations.

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The Event Certified Participants for up to 10 CPD/IDD Points.

Opening Keynote Presentation:

The Global Recovery & The Post COVID Cycle - (Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak (Boston Consulting Group Chief Economist, Managing Director & Partner BCG New York)

Closing Keynote Presentation:

Aviation Year Zero: Towards Net Zero Emissions - Charles-Henry de Lignac (A D Little)


First Timers / Union Community Event:

Welcome and introduction - Ilia Kabachnik (IUAI President, Alfastrakhovanie)

Introduction to the Air League and HFW - Giles Kavanagh (HFW)

The Air League - Caroline Smith (The Air League)

Panel Discussion: The Importance of Sustainability for the Aviation Sector
Chair: Giles Kavanagh
Rachel Barrie (Global Aerospace)
Bridget Donaldson (Energy Systems Engineering at the University of Oxford)
Victoria Cope (BAE Systems Plc)

Union session and wrap up interview
Interviewer: Ilia Kabachnik 
Interviewee: Oscar Becerra (MAPFRE)

ASG Live Session Introduction
Chair: Jeff Bruno (Global Aerospace)

"On Demand" Summaries / Q&A
Chair: Jeff Bruno
Panel: Ken Stroger (Trans Re), Paul Maguire (Convex UK), Edwin Marin (USAIG)

B737MAX – Return to service and reintroduction to the Airline environment
Chair: Neil Smith (IUAI)
Panel: Mark Searle (IATA), Sergio Quito (GOL), Malcolm Sutherland (TUI)

Reinsurance and Catastrophe Allocation - Kenneth Stroger (Trans Re)

Airline Asset Values "Mind the Gap" - Paul Maguire (Convex UK)

PFAS Contamination - Edwin Marin (USAIG)



LCSG Session Welcome
Chair: Natsuyuki Furumai (Tokyo Marine Nichido Fire)

Summaries of the "On Demand" sessions
Chair: Natsuyuki Furumai
Speakers: Brendan Lumb (AXA XL), Giles Kavanagh (HFW), Kerry Porter (USAIG), Matthew Budd (AIG), Chris Tian (PICC), Natsuyuki Furumai, Sharon Holahan (Global Aerospace), Sebastien Saillard (Allianz)

Live Q&A Session
Chair: Sophie Moysan (LRA)
Speakers: As Above.

The Increasing Challenges in Claims Handling – NDAs, Sanctions etc. - Matthew Budd (AIG)

Cargo Claims Arising out of Covid-19 Vaccine Transport - Initial Concerns and Reality - Natsuyuki Furumai (TMNF)

Effect of Social Inflation on Losses - Sharon Holahan (Global Aerospace)

Cabin Air Contamination - Giles Kavanagh (HFW)

Major Loss Update - Brendan Lumb (AXA XL)

Hazards of Fire Suppression Foam ... to Insurers - Kerry Porter (USAIG)

Forum Shopping - the Discreet Seduction of France  - Sebastien Saillard (Allianz)

The New Chinese Civil Code and China as an Appropriate Alternative Forum - Chris Tian (PICC)


SRSG Live Session Introduction
Chair: Pascal Lecointe (Hiscox)

Space Insurance Market Statistics - Speaker: Rob Schenone (AXA/XL)

Sustainability of Space Operations - Harriet Brettle (Astroscale)

Space Sustainability Rating - Jan Schmidt (Helvetica Swiss)

Sustainability of Space Operations: Megaconstellations potential impact - Pascal Lecointe (Hiscox)

Back to the Moon - NASA's Artemis Program - Jon Lewis (Partner Re)

Space Tourism and Commercial Spaceflight - Edouard Merlet (LRA)

Current Hazards of Space Debris - Wang Qiang (PICC P&C Space Division)





Live Session Introduction
Diego Suarez (Global Aerospace)

"On Demand" Synopsis & Q&A
Chair: Diego Suarez
Panel: John Brogan (USAIG), David Watkins (Allianz), Marcello Maestri (AIG), Ryan Waguespack (NATA)

Panel Debate on Covid Related Issues
Chair: Anthony Frankel (AXA/XL)
Panel: Christophe Kleider (LRA), Kyle Anderson (USAIG), Frida Kangasniemi - (HDI)

Hull Claims Cost Inflation - John Brogan (USAIG)

Comparison of GA Application Forms and their Use - Marcello Maestri (AIG)

Illegal Part 135 Charter Operations  - Ryan Waguespack (National Air Transportation Association), Robert Baltus (European Business Aviation Association), Glenn Hogben (Air Charter Association)

Single Pilot Jet Operations - David Watkins (Allianz)


MPASG Live Session Introduction
Speaker: Michel Rohr (Swiss Re)

Electrification in Civil Aerospace
Chair: Simon Abbott (Global Aerospace)
Speaker: Rob Watson - Rolls Royce

Hangarkeepers Liability - Simon Abbott (GAUM)

Non-Aviation Coverages & Accumulation - Graham Daldry (LRA)

Airports Covid-19 Update - Harriet Stewart (Convex)

Stacking Limits for Critical Exposures / Sub-Limits in Respect of JV’s - Axel von Frowein (Allianz)











Lessons Learned from Managing Cyber Attacks - Ram Levi (Konfidas)
Chair: Marco Ramadoro (SATEC)

Update on Aviation Cyber Clauses 2021 - Sophie Moysan (LRA)

Cyber Threats for Remote and Virtual Towers - Roger Sethsson (HDI Speciality)











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