2021 Virtual AGM Programme

Initial Programme - Correct as at 08 March 2021 - subject to change.

Participation in this event may be used for CPD/IDD Credits.


Executive Committee & Keynote Presentations

Programme and Speakers to be confirmed.

Pre-recorded content:

Cat Re Allocation (Ken Stroger, TransRe)

Asset Valuation (Paul Maguire, Convex UK)

PFAS Contamination (Ed Marin, USAIG)

Live content:

Intro by SG Chair, summary of pre-recorded topics + related Q&A PLUS:

737Max Reintroduction Plan and post pandemic return to flight (Speaker - TBC)

Pre-Recorded Content:

Loss Claims Inflation (John Brogan, USAIG)

Single Pilot Jet Operations (David Watkins, Allianz)

Comparison of GA Application Forms and their Use (Marcello Maestri, AIG)

Illegal Part 135 Charter Operations in the US (Ryan Waguespack, NATA)

Live Content:

GASG Introduction and Worldwide GA Overview (Diego Suarez, Global Aerospace)


Panel Debate – COVID related Issues: (Frida Kangasniemi, HDI / Kyle Anderson USAIG / Christophe Kleider LRA / Anthony Frankel AXA XL)

Discussion to Include:

  • Current impact on pilot and mechanical training
  • Reduction in airport and FBO Movements
  • Future Considerations

Pre Recorded Content:

Development status of China’s Aircraft Manufacturers in the Era of Pandemic
(Young Zhang, Ping An)

Non-Aviation Coverages & Accumulation (Graham Daldry, LRA)

Stacking limits for critical exposures / sub-limits in respect of JV’s (Axel vonFrohwein, Allianz)

Covid-19 update (airports) (Harriet Stewart, Convex UK)

Vaccination exposures (Corrine Debain, AXA XL)

HKLL exposure (Simon Abbott, Global Aerospace)

Live content:

The Future of Electric Flight (Dr Rob Watson, Director, Rolls Royce Electrical)

Pre Recorded Content:

Major loss update (Brendan Lumb, AXA XL)

Cabin Air Contamination (Giles Kavanagh, HFW)

Environmental claims – foam pollution etc. (Kerry Porter, USAIG)

The Increasing Challenges in Claims Handling – NDAs, Sanctions etc. (Matthew Budd, AIG)

The new Chinese Civil Code and China as an appropriate alternative forum (Chris Tian, PICC)

Covid-19 and Cargo Claims (Natsuyuki Furumai, TMNF)

Effect of Social Inflation on Losses (Sharon Holahan, Global Aerospace)

Forum shopping in France (Sebastien Saillard, Allianz)

Live Content to be Confirmed

SRSG Content will Cover two Themes. The first theme is Sustainability, the second Human Space Flight.

Theme 1 : Sustainability

Space projects sustainability index / WEF (Jan Schmidt, Helvetia Swiss & Ichiro Iwanaga, Mitsui Sumitomo)

How to manage collision risks : the practical point of view – external presenter TBC

Role of insurers to enhance sustainability  global impact of space operations – carbon footprint of space tourism ? should LEO sat without propulsion still fly ? (Stéphane Rives, SCOR & Edouard Merlet, LRA)

Theme 2 : Human Spaceflight

Update on space tourism – commercial spaceflight (Akiko Hama, Global Aerospace)

Back to the moon  - Lunar Gateway (Rebecca Derzypilskyj, Convex UK, Jon Lewis, Partner Re &  David Wade, Atrium)

Pre Recorded Content:

Update on Aviation Cyber/Software Clauses (Sophie Moysan, LRA)

Lessons Learned from Managing Cyber Attacks (Ram Levi, Konfidas)

Cyber threats for Remote and Virtual Towers (RVT) (Roger Sethsson, HDI)