The MPASG (Manufacturers, Products and Airports Study Group) deals with the non-flying aspects within the aerospace arena on behalf of the members of the IUAI. This study group would review airport operators and those companies which operate at airports, including refuellers, FBOs, maintenance and repair shops, baggage loaders and security to name but a few. The MPASG would also review the portfolio which embraces those who manufacture aircraft and those who manufacture aircraft parts.

2018 Plenary Session

The MPASG had the honour of opening the business proceedings for the Tokyo AGM. Prior to the formal start of the MPASG Session Hideki Mishima provided AGM Delegates with a broad, but comprehensive, overview of the development of the Japanese airline and aviation market. Robert Lilley, in his final appearance as Chairman of the MPASG, then gave a general overview of premiums, claims, exposures and estimated capacity across the sector. Alexis Daniel presented on the use of composite materials, followed by Simon Abbott, who looked at aspects of Manufacturers' Hull Insurances. Roger Sethsson followed up with a review of ATC issues, including the growing use of Remote Towers. John Wadhams then looked at grounding losses, particularly traditional grounding v non-occurence.

The session ended with a lively Q & A session between a Panel drawn from the MPASG and Delegates.

At the close of the Tokyo AGM Michel Rohr took over the Chairmanship of the MPASG from Robert who stepped down from the Study Group to Join the Executive Committee.


Study Group Members

2019 AGM

Join us in Bordeaux, France
3 - 5 June 2019