General Aviation is the largest, and probably most diverse, portfolio covered by a Study group, with risks from the smallest drone quadcopters, through private flying up to large corporate aircraft fleets and commercial helicopters.

2018 AGM Plenary Session

The GASG session in Tokyo ran over two days, starting on the Monday afternoon with the Chairman providing an introduction to the session, and updating on the latest large losses across the sector. This was followed by a report on helicopter accidents (John Brogan). The Chairman then returned to the podium to present on the benefits of continuous training. The session closed with Frida Kangasniemi looking at the opportunities and challenges presented by the use of Microlight aircraft.

The GASG kicked off Day Two of the Tokyo AGM with the second part of their session. Paul O'Ryan opened with a presentation on Drones and UAVs, and how they fit into the existing airspace alongside other users. Diego Suarez then took over with a discussion on the "Green" credentials of the GA Insurance sector. Carson Lyons then made his final contribution as a member of the GASG by reporting back on the findings of the Survey carried out by the GASG on the views of Millennials (and others) on the state of the sector, and their views on future prospects. John Brogan then closed the GASG session with an overview on the insurance and use of aircraft in the agricultural sector.

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2019 AGM

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