Cyber and Emerging Risks Study Group

Originally established in early 2018 as a Working Group formed by some existing Study Group Members, this group has been made a full Study Group with effect from the close of the 2019 AGM. The Group has been formed with the remit of looking at emerging risks likely to impact on the aerospace sector, with a preliminary focus on investigating all aspects of the cyber threat.

Presentations on cyber threats have been made at both the 2018 and 2019 AGMs, including a comprehensive analysis of some of the insurance issues facing the Union's Membership. At the 2019 AGM the Union's Cyber Risks Adviser, Ram Levi, provided a comprehensive overview of the current Airline & Space Communications Cyber Threat Profile. 

Study Group Members

IUAI “AGM Lite” CERG Session

2019 AGM Plenary Session

The Cyber and Emerging Risks session was split over the Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. On Monday afternoon Roland Kuesters, CER Chairman, introduced the session and the topics to be covered. Michel Brafman then presented on the cyberthreats targeting air transport. The final session on Monday afternoon saw Sophie Moysan provide an interesting and comprehensive update on the current insurance solutions being utilised or proposed to address cyber challenges.

Ram Levi, the Union’s external Cyber Advisor/Consultant made the final presentation for the CER’s 2019 session. In an extremely interesting and thought-provoking session he provided:

  • An Overview of why Cyber Security remains a huge issue for the aviation sector
  • His personal observations from working on Cyber Security in the airline sector, particularly referencing supply chain issues and the impact of GDPR
  • Threat Profiling, with particular reference to IFC/IFE
  • Some takeaways and issues for insurers – particularly a suggestion that insurers should push for international regulations and standards on cyber security across the aviation sector.

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2021 AGM

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic the 2021 AGM will be held as a Virtual Event.
We plan to be in Dublin for our AGM in June 2022.