Study Group Presentations, 2007, Sorrento

  • Airline Statistical Update – John Green
  • Passenger Settlement Update – Florian Karner
  • Safety Management Systems in Airlines Worldwide – Captain M. New
  • Aviation War Insurance for Non-US Carriers – Oliver Dlugosch
  • Status of US Government War Risk Program – Brian McBride
  • Airline Attrition Losses Update – Steven Schmidt

The Airport Database: First Look – Jim Herbert
Airports: Technological Advances – Stephen Dinsdale
Assessment of Products Risk: Best Practice – Roland Kuesters
UAV Issues – Martin Cox
The IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) – Chris Hancock
The Products Database – Chris Hancock
Uncontained Engine Failures: An Increasing Trend? – Malcolm Brett
  • US Federal Pre-emption Defences – Joe Taccetta
  • Major Losses – Various
  • Disclaimer of Liability and the Economic Loss Rule – Kevin Hilliard
  • Additional Insureds in US Jurisdictions – Various
  • Criminalisation of Airline Accidents – Bruno Bertucci, Thibaut de Mallmann
  • Rome Convention Update - Sean Gates
  • Post Accident Best Practice – Bruno Bertucci, Joe Taccetta
  • Space Tourism – Philip Crystal, Sean Gates
  • GA Fatal Accidents: How do they Happen? – John Buckley
  • Single Pilot Complex Fixed Wing Aircraft: Training and Mentoring Best Practice – Alan Beacock
  • New Technology in GA: Helping or Hurting? – Mike Sweeney
  • GA Market Update – William Welbourn
  • Major Loss Statistics Update – Noel Holloway
  • Chairman’s Introduction and Market Report – Ernst Steilen
  • Challenges of Spacecraft from Emerging Countries – Didier Pasoire
  • Generic Problems in Space Products: Risk Mitigation – Chris Kunstadter
  • Space Claims: Is there a Long-Term Favourable Trend? – Michel Brafman
  • Space Claims Handling: Best Practice – Jeff Cassidy