The Space Risks Study Group comprises a group of highly experienced and well recognised industry leaders and experts from throughout the global market. The space risks insurance sector provides coverage for small cube satellites to big GEO satellites and large satellite constellations covering Launch liability, physical satellite launch, and satellites in orbit.

The Group also provides the Union with up to date information on trends, statistics and global developments in the Satellite Operator and Space Insurance markets.

Space Risks Study Group Meeting February 2017 - XL Catlin Space Insurance Update

The SRSG met in London on 8 February to plan the agenda for the 2017 AGM (see below).
During the meeting, the Study Group also reviewed the latest Space Insurance Update, produced by XL Catlin. The Update provides a comprehensive statistical overview of the sector.


2017 AGM Plenary Session Business Programme

The SRSG is currently working on the programme for the 2017 AGM. A list of the topics/presentations, as they currently stand, can be accessed below:

2017 AGM SRSG Preliminary Programme

2016 Plenary Session

The SRSG presented on a number of topics in Charleston, and welcomed Jo Anderson of Orbital ATK, who gave an overview of in-orbit satellite servicing capabilities. Other topics included a look at in-orbit failure investigations, cyber threats for space systems and networks, LEO constellations and re-usability of space hardware.

Study Group Members

Picture courtesy of Ms. Motoko Mori, Arianespace Tokyo Office

Current topics of particular interest:

  • Wording trends
  • Cyber threats
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations


Join us in Taormina, Italy
4 - 8 June 2017