General Aviation is the largest, and probably most diverse, portfolio covered by a Study group, with risks from the smallest drone quadcopters, through private flying up to large corporate aircraft fleets and commercial helicopters.

2016 AGM Plenary Session

Reflecting the broad range of the GA account, the Study Group’s session in Charleston covered a wide variety of topics, including a review of the Middle Eastern Market, helicopter safety in the offshore sector, war coverage, airspace infringement and a study of attritional losses and an update on new technology. In a join presentation with the MPASG, Randy Gaston, a guest speaker from Gulfstream, presented on upset recovery training issues.

Study Group Members

2017 AGM Plenary Session Business Programme

The GASG is currently working on the programme for the 2017 AGM. A list of the topics/presentations, as they currently stand, can be accessed below:

2017 AGM GASG Outline Business Programme


Join us in Taormina, Italy
4 - 8 June 2017