The Airline Study Group focuses on the Airline Hull and Liability and Airline War sectors of the Aviation Insurance industry. The mission of the committee is to provide the IUAI membership with up to date information on trends, statistics and global developments in the Airline Operators and Insurance markets. Committee members come from throughout the global market and are senior representatives of a wide variety of the market's Insurance providers.

Study Group Members

2017 AGM Plenary Session Business Programme

The ASG is currently working on the programme for the 2017 AGM. A list of the topics/presentations, as they currently stand, can be accessed below:

2017 AGM Outline Programme

2016 AGM Plenary Session

The ASG session at the Charleston AGM was held on the Wednesday morning and covered a number of topics, starting with an in-depth study of the Airline War Market. Because the AGM was being held in the US a regional review of the US airline sector was also presented and there was also a session looking a pilot health issues. An in depth analysis on attritional losses approached the subject from three angles, looking a current loss trends, major causes and then a look ahead to likely developments over the next five years. There was also a fascinating look at the application of Game Theory in the context of underwriting an airline account. 

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